Colpitts Renovations
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Office Park

4.5 acre office park that we lease and complete renovations for existing and new lessees.

Consulting Firm

36,000ft2 office space where we provide ongoing improvements and various maintenance requirements.

Yoga Studio

Tear down of existing restaurant and subsequent renovation.

Tech Services Firm, Part 2

A 5000ft2 renovation of adjacent vacant space.

Tech Services Firm, Part 1

2100ft2 renovation and fit-up of existing office space.

Engineering Firm, Part 2

1000ft2 addition of bathroom and corner office.

Engineering Firm, Part 1

6000ft2 custom fit-up of existing office space.

Regional Library

6000ft2 overhaul and custom refit for Library use.

Computer Hardware Firm, Part 2

4000ft2 renovation of the adjacent vacant space to incorporate the company’s expansion.

Computer Hardware Firm, Part 1

8000ft2 renovation of office space to include special server rooms.
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